Our Culture

Herban Theory is company that was founded on the belief and principle in of two things: Purity and Efficacy. As practitioners ourselves, in order to be effective in the health field one needs products that work. Now days there are too many things to choose from, and too many supplements that are just ultimately ineffective. Trying to sift your way though the media jargon and what is real and what is not, it is nearly impossible. Enter - Herban Theory.

A time tested supplement platform that was once prescription only, Herban Theory provides only the best. All of our formulas are full spectrum compounds containing clinically researched ingredients. That is what we boast. That is what we sell. Clinically researched ingredients built into specific formulations to help you manage your health. We are practitioner based, and our formulas rest on theory. Not on marketing, not on advertising, not on a fad. Our formals are unique and custom tested and blended. They work to help you reach specific goals.

The one thing we tell our patients consistently - you should not have to guess. You should feel it working. Our supplements make the difference. Our supplements rest on theory. We are practitioner based. We are Herban Theory, the best in natural health proactive care